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Hi – my name is Emily, and today I cried in a coffee shop.

This statement alone tells you three very important things about me. First – my name. Second – 75% of my life is spent in and around various coffee shops. Third, and perhaps most importantly – my shit is most certainly not together.

If you wanted to stop reading this post right now, you very well could – those three things are the only things you really need to know about me. And while the rest of this post, and perhaps this blog altogether, will reveal some extraneous details about me and my daily dos, the most important thing to remember is that behind every word is a girl named Emily, drinking coffee, not having her shit together.

Rereading that last sentence makes me realize I’ve kind of described myself like the answer in a game of Clue. So, perhaps this visualization will really hit it home:


However, in order to give you a more colorful depiction of who I am, I’ll give you the boring details. I’m a student studying web development + graphic design in Atlanta, GA. Currently, however, I’m prancing around the Bay Area under the guise of a summer internship with Adobe. (A piece of life advice: if you’re going to slave away at a silicon valley internship hours away from home, make sure that internship is one you can fangirl over every single day you go to work).

I would tell you what I like to do in my spare time, but that would require me to actually have some spare time – I imagine it would include reading, designing, journaling, and putting sticky notes on every available surface.

Coffee makes my world go round, and if I’m not drinking it, making it, talking about it,¬†thinking about it, or instagraming it, it probably means I’m not awake enough to have made my first cup.

My favorite things in this world are agendas, the Harry Potter series, jeggings (slightly ashamed), and this youtube video.

There’s no one reason that I’ve decided to document my life onto this blog. If anything, I have an odd conglomeration of reasons: to scare off future employers, to rant about things that make me angry, to show off my reject photos that didn’t make it on the instagram. But whatever the reason, I hope you’ll stick around for the impending mess that’s bound to follow, and feel free to comment on every misstep along the way.

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